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IDE error: why double click, on error list, don't go to the line?

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tested. but when i use a folder name with spaces or special characters, the problem  remains :(

In the "Build messages" tab, where you double click, are there the correct line number and file name?

BlueHazzard: Yes. the problem was, again, using a folder names with spaces or special characters.
using a normal folder name( no spaces or special characters), the double click works fine.

Miguel Gimenez did an update for, maybe, next CodeBlocks version.

Miguel Gimenez: correct me a different question: if we use the CodeBlocks last version, the link(when we execute the CodeBlocks, the 'Start here' tab) don't go to download page?(or do nothing)

Miguel Gimenez:
If you are asking about the top link (under the logo), clicking on it just copies the link text to the clipboard. This IMHO is counter intuitive.

thanks for correct me...
thanks for all to all


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