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IDE error: why double click, on error list, don't go to the line?

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when i compile and i get an error, we get the error line... seems normal... but when i double click, with mouse button, nothing happens.
why isn't going to the error\warning line?

Are you using an custom makefile CB project?
If yes, it is a known issues.

If no, it should work.

Tim S.

"Are you using an custom makefile CB project?"
honestly what is 'an custom makefile CB project'?

Did you create a CB project?
If so, how did you create it?
If you used cmake then you likely have an custom makefile CB project.

Tim S.

just for test, i created an empty project with CPP file.
the olders projects have the same problem :(
but, before reinstall the windows, the problem wasn't there :(


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