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Codeblocks crashing almost on everything after built it from source

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I tryed to install C::B again on empty pc to check if anything collides with codeblocks but nothing changed, still same problem.

Have you run the update script after building?

Yes, update31_64 after codeblocks and plugins builds.

If you look at the TDM github issues you will issue #31 which affects C::B. Have a read of it

Once you have read the issue then have a look at,24941.msg169962.html#msg169962

For wxWidgets building I would suggest reading the following (second time recommended in a few days BTW) as it will explaining what is needed for you build it:

Searching using google and the forum will save you allot of time and effort.

If you are still stuck and need help with building wxWidget and C::B check out the following repo for the readme in the root and the batch/script files in the Build_Helper-Files directory tree:

If you need help with Windows x where X <10 then have a look at the following file and look fort "IsWin" to see what you need to do for the version of windows you are using:

Good luck.


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