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Function info, looks like hyperlink
« on: May 05, 2022, 11:29:03 pm »
Ok, this is so minor.

But when comments of a function appears as hyperlink.

The comments which produce this result is:

/** Divide a polygon by a line, to 2 polygons.
\param polygon A number of points forming the polygon, counterclockwise. There is an edge from
last point to first point. Possible holes are clockwise.
\param l The line with equation \f$ a\cdot x+b\cdot y+c=0\f$ where \c l is the \c a, \c b, \c c
\return An array of two polygons. First polygon is in negative semi-plane and second polygon is
in positive. Any of them (or both of them if \c polygon is ill-defined) can be empty. */
template<std::floating_point T>
std::array<std::vector<std::array<T, 2>>, 2>
divide_polygon(const std::vector<std::array<T, 2>> polygon, const std::array<T, 3> &l)