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Dropdown for build target selection has become empty.


 Once again I have confused CodeBlocks, and myself :-(

I am checking compilation (and build and run) with several compilers and versions.

For example I have gcc -11 and clang-13.  Codeblocks 20.03 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Normally I have had a drop-down box to the right of the run build, rebuild icons. 
It used to have the build targets, but now is blank, as is the current target field.

If i click on the dropdown I get a menu headed Select target, and Choose target and my several targets like debug_gcc-11 or debug_clang-13 are listed.  If I select one and rebuild and run, the log shows I am getting what I expect. 

But there is nothing showing in the expected target display area.

What have I done to confuse this?  And how can I restore it?
(Reinstalling Codeblocks didn't do anything.  Deleting all .cbp and workspaces worked at first but then the box and drop items disappeared again.  Can.should I delete default.conf?

Suggestions please.

Miguel Gimenez:
Try clicking on View -> Toolbars -> Fit toolbars (or Optimize toolbars). GTK shows a blank wxChoice if the contents do not fit.

Correct - VERY useful to know.


PS Working on a ancient machine with a 20 year old CRT, so not many pixels ;-)
And making a longer target name like "debug_clang-13"

Miguel Gimenez:
For the record, this issue has been fixed in commit r12662 (2022-01-19).


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