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MSYS2: using the cmake to created a wxWidgets application


Hi, I think I found a way to build the wxWidgets application very fast by using the wx library supplied by MSYS2.

I see that the MSYS2 has modified their FindwxWidgets.cmake file recently to support this, the method works OK in both the mitty shell started when you run the mingw64.exe or the normal windows command line(cmd.exe).

I wrote a step by step tutorial in this link:

Hope that helps.

For me, I can just download the sample folder from wx's github, and build those samples when needed.

To debug the sample code, I can generate a cbp project from the cmakefile.txt ( the generated type is: CodeBlocks - MinGW Makefiles )
See here:

I'm not sure such generated cbp could support debugging or code completion.  :)


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