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how to switch between AT&T and intel foramts in disassmbly window?


hi all

is there a way to switch between AT&T and Intel formats of asm while debugging?

At the moment there is no button to do it automatically. I have created a ticket, and will try to implement it, this should be quite straight forward

But you can set it before debugging in Settings->Debugger->GDB/CDB->Default->Choose disassembly flavor

While debugging you can do it manually by:
1) closing the disassembly window
2) Selecting the "Debugger" tab in the bottom "Logs & others" window pane
3) Type
--- Code: ---set disassembly-flavor att
--- End code ---
for AT&T or
--- Code: ---set disassembly-flavor intel
--- End code ---
for intel in the "command" field and hit enter
4) Reopen the disassembly window

thamks. ;D


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