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The 24 April 2022 build (12802) is out.

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my C:B is locking down once in a while and there is no RPT file created.

Our company setting for Windows 10 is preventing creating file into the "C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\" unless you're admin.

Possible that is preventing RPT file to be created ?

svn 12802
Windows 10 Entreprise, 21H2
16 GB

Miguel Gimenez:
It if just locks there will be no report, only crashes create one.

Starting with r12785, C::B will check if the folder containing the executable is writable, and if it is not then it will write the RPT file in the config folder:

--- Code: ---%appdata%\Codeblocks
--- End code ---

This is making sense, my previous nightly build was 12765.



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