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GDB/MI debugger source ready for testing on Windows x64 only with SVN 12796+


The GDB/MI debugger source is ready for beta testing and feedback for Windows only. I have used it to debug it's self and the work I was doing to investigate the LLDB work.

To build and test the plugin you will need to do the following:1. Using C::B SVN 12796 sources or later.2. Create the src\plugins\contrib\debuggerGDB_MI directory3. Copy the source into the src\plugins\contrib\debuggerGDB_MI directory4. Load the debbugger_gdbmi_wx31_64.cbp  project5. Build the project6. Run codeblocks.exe in the devel31_64 directory.7. In the src\plugins\contrib\debuggerGDB_MI directory is the debugger_gdbmi.cbplugin file that you can use to add the plugin to your stripped build if you want.
Please read the to see what you can help with if you have time or if you can just test it and give feedback, but check the table in the  and the outstanding items to see if the issue is already known or not.



This file also the header file do not exist in the git repo.

Thanks, I just fixed this.


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