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LLDB debugger low level interface investigation results

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Nice work.

One question(newbie question)

Under Windows, do you mean DAP debugger == LLVM debugger ?

Simple answer : Yes

Additional info: Currently the debugger plugin code auto detects the DAP adapter for LLDB (the LLVM debugger). There is code in the repo to also auto setup the debugger config from the options*.xml file, which is an outstanding SF ticket, which make setting up the compiler and debugger allot easier.

You can run a number of different DAP adapters that then interface to different debuggers for different languages, so it "theory" you could use the DAP debugger plugin to debug say rust or some other language without changing the plugin or C::B code. "theory" is in quotes as in I have no idea if it will or will not work, but this s how VSCode supports debugging different languages without having to change the IDE.

The DAP adapter used for LLDB debugging is the C:\msys64\mingw64\bin\lldb-vscode.exe adapter (please do not try the official LLVM lldb-vscode.exe as it works differently for some reason and I have not looked at why, but it seems that the different LLDB adapters all seem to work differently or have issues/bugs).

Very good news:  *I have succeeded in C::B debugging C::B on Windows and MAC!!!!

On Windows you can now use the following DAP adapters:
* MSYS2 MingW64  C:\msys64\mingw64\bin\lldb-vscode.exe
* MSYS2 Clang64  C:\msys64\clang64\bin\lldb-vscode.exe
* using the extension\adapter\codelldb.exe fileOn the Mac Intel computers you can now use the following DAP adapters (I do not have a M1 or M2):

* LLVM 14.0.6 lldb-vscode  /usr/local/opt/llvm/bin/lldb-vscode
* using the extension/adapter/codelldb fileFor details on setting up the DAP adapters and more info please read the following:
If you have a Mac and need debugging in C::B and are NOT a newbiee then give the unofficial C::B in the following github repo a go:


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