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Default Project Folder
« on: February 28, 2006, 06:22:25 am »
I have created a new project using code blocks and was wondering if it is possible to specify a different folder as the source folder than where the project is located.  This is the current file setup I have:

The annoying part about this is that every file has src/*.cpp displayed as the name and the project tree displays the src directory.  It is not so much a problem, but can I tell code blocks to only use the src directory since that is where all the files it will deal with will be.  The probem seems to stem from the fact that I specify a directory and project name when creating the project and code blocks automatically places the new project in $DIR/$PROJECT_NAME.  I suppose I could name the project src, but that does not seem like a good idea when I have multiple projects. 

BTW, I'm using a nightly build of code blocks (Version 1.0 revision 2090 (gcc 3.4.4 Windows/unicode, build: Feb 27 2006 20:33:03)). 

 - Sean