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C:B SF SVN - How to trace external reference to the external SF repo URL?

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There is an issue with the src\plugins\contrib\cbMemoryView plugin that I want to fix eventually and submit a patch, but it's a CB external reference.
How do I find the URL for the SF external reference repo from the SF C::B repo? I can use google, but I think there should be a way of looking at the SF CB repo and finding it.
The issue is that the code displays a minimum of 32 bytes, which seems odd. The offending code is below:

--- Code: ---void MemoryPanel::UpdatePanel()
...code removed

    for(size_t i = 0; i < 32; ++i)
        memory << wxString::Format(wxT("%02x "),(unsigned int)(0xFF&i));
        ascii  << wxString::Format(wxT("%02x "),(unsigned int)(0xFF&i));

...code removed that processes the memory data.

--- End code ---

Maybe put some URL in the source code?

For cbMemoryView, I guess it is here: bluehazzard/cbMemoryView

Since when is cbMemoryView a contrib plugin? I can not find in in the SF repo? Am i missing something?

SVN externals are defined in the property svn:externals. Sadly, this property can be attached to any directory of the repository, so you might need to check every directory that makes sense for this property.

I just examined the HEAD revision, i can find only two externals, FortranProject and PythonPlugins, both are defined at src/plugins/contrib. There seems to be no cbMemoryView.

I added a bunch of plugins that I though would be usefull to my local build at the "src\plugin" directory level. Rookie mistake I know and as such I did not check against the SVN code.
I figured out I can use TortoiseSVN to find the SF repo URL by looking at the icons and when one does not look like the rest I can check out the properties.


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