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Miguel Gimenez:
Then, why are you still here?

I'm a relatively new user of Code::Blocks and I think that it works perfectly, the only one thing that I believe you're right is when you say

--- Quote ---The tools and help are practically absent...
--- End quote ---

This is one of the problems that make some users to quickly done with Code::Blocks, all developers should know that the help, the documentation, the API references, etc., are as important as the application itself in order to the application succeed in the goal for which it is made.


--- Quote from: benkenobi01 on May 12, 2022, 07:33:36 pm ---I agree CB sucks, i quit this ide long time ago and i'm happy about it.  ;)

--- End quote ---

Some users sucks...

Hello jean raphael,
on your post of March 16, 2022, which I read recently, here is my opinion: I also use Code::Blocks 20.03; without nightly builds. My contribution to this project is the extensive translation into German and making the corresponding .po/.mo files available in Launchpad.
I always get annoyed with Code::Blocks about some things that don't meet my expectations: Codecomletion/Help pp. But I'll be careful not to approach the Code::Blocks team like you did. This is just indecent! You can't use something for free and then make claims! In Germany there is a saying: "You don't look a gift horse in the mouth!" If Code::Blocks is too immature or otherwise inconvenient for you, then use (like I do to some extent) the Qt Creator with the prospect that someday can no longer be used due to unforeseen license changes.


--- Quote from: Miguel Gimenez on May 12, 2022, 07:40:38 pm ---Then, why are you still here?

--- End quote ---
Because i like to see how things haven't changed.


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