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mouse->get.. or mouse->carrying_something(); doesn't autocomplete


I have a Mouse.cpp class, and a mouse instance as external in my Code::Blocks project to access the mouse from various classes.

When I write mouse-> (mouse is a shared_ptr) the text doesn't autocomplete with the mouse available methods.

The same happens for instance with screen.

screen->talk_one_line("You are poisoned!");

screen-> doesn't autocomplete anything.

It would be a nice help to have this working.

The current autocomplete has allot of bugs.
If you want to try it's replacement have a read of the following thread:,24357.0.html

Thanks but the link doesn't work.

Edit: sorry, my fault. It does work.

But it just works with CLANG, no love for GCC?


--- Quote from: jalcazo on February 21, 2022, 12:33:13 pm ---But it just works with CLANG, no love for GCC?

--- End quote ---

why do you say clangd_client does not work with GCC. I use it everyday with Linux GCC and Windows C++.

How did you install it?

Start CB with the /d option (full debug log) and post the log (Titled Code::Blocks Debug) to the forum using `[code`]`[/code`] marks (without the backticks). The "#" button above the posting area will provide the marks for you.


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