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I've come to understand that CodeBlocks uses Dr Mingw as its JIT debugger. But I'm wondering how useful that is considering that strip is run against all the .exe and .dll files in output31_64.

useless i suppose....
i asked killerbot to not strip the nightlies, but i did not get any response

everSome, What are you trying to do?

The doc I posted for you to follow a while ago has info on debugging codeblocks, my post was:,24814.msg169333.html#msg169333

What are you trying to do? I'm poking around the edges of compiling CodeBlocks with just the MSYS2 tool chains installed on my system. Not being enamored with the out of band binaries existing in src/exchndl, I looked into what that's for. Turns out that MSYS2 has binary packages for Dr Mingw for the various MSYS2 environments. So I loaded these binary packages and compiled against them. For instance, the UCRT64 package's url is:
This supplies exchndl.dll and mgwhelp.dll
The dbgcore.dll, dbghelp.dll, and symsrv.dll are distributable Microsoft components, but more up to date versions can be had directly from them if one wishes. The mgwhelp.dll is used to access dwarf (something like Debug With Arbitrary Record Format) information whereas dbgcore/dbghelp stuf is used to access Microsoft's PDB debug information files. symsrv.dll is used to access Microsoft's publicly exposed Symbol server, and symsrv.yes keeps the damn thing from trying to dialog with the user on startup. I'm just an old fart with time on his hands! But I'm learning. It just seemed odd to me that there is this elaborate construction to provide a postmortem dump but not feed it any debugging info. Just wondering if there was a back door to such info, but I guess not. Unwinding a stack usually needs all the help it can get.

Hi, everSome,

Do you have the latest drmingw 0.9.5 working with the current SVN head of C::B?

See this post:

error alert message when using ThreadSearch Plugin

It looks like I have some problem with the latest version of drmingw.


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