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I've been successfully using Code::Blocks as my IDE for some years now, with successive versions of mingw64 based on GCC 4.6 onwards.

With mingw64 based on GCC 10.3 the code profiler plugin parses the gmon.out file as expected. With mingw64 based on GCC 11.2 it does not and shows a blank gprof window. The file size is about the same (1,428kib vs. 1,430kib) so there would seem to be information contained in it.

I've looked online for bug reports or workarounds relating to gprof and mingw based on GCC 11.2 to no avail - so was wondering if this is something that anyone has experienced with Code::Blocks.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Miguel Gimenez:
Can you attach both files?

Thanks for the reply.

Here are the files, 7zipped:

Miguel Gimenez:
You must use the gprof.exe that came with MinGW11.2.

Is the Windows path set correctly?. You can check the configured path opening a console and executing gprof -h, the first line shows the complete path.

To the best of my knowledge the compiler is using the version of gprof.exe that is part of the compiler - and it does not work on the command line either.

Thanks for the pointer to the likely cause of the problem, much appreciated.


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