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The 31 December 2021 build (12618) is out.

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--- Quote from: ollydbg on January 03, 2022, 10:08:09 am ---
--- Quote from: cyuyan on January 03, 2022, 09:11:16 am ---I can't open the download link:,
I am in china. Please help me, thanks!

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Maybe, I can setup a mirror download site/folder in China. Which site did you think is good for file sharing in China?

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I have received the following reply from tsinghua Mirror station:
You can go to to create image requests.

We note that codeblocks are distributed through Fosshub and SourceForge, for which we have no synchronization tools and need to negotiate with Fosshub (see Fosshub ToS), You can refer to for the latter.

If Codeblocks directly provides the rsync service, mirroring is more convenient.

Hi, cyuyan.

I think only the official C::B release files were hosted in Fosshub.
While the nightly builds files were only hosted in Sourceforge.

I looked at the tuna's issues, and there is no way to automatically rsync with the SourceForge files.

So, the only way currently is to manually download the nightly builds files and upload to other sites.  :(


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