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Patch for changing the values of registers via the CPU Register window

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--- Quote from: Miguel Gimenez on December 14, 2021, 02:46:02 pm ---He is referring to the C::B ticket site, hosted in Sourceforge:

--- End quote ---

Thank you for the explanation.

The following wiki page has info on creating the patch and submitting it via sourceforge.

To save you pulling your hair out w.r.t. SVN usage I use the following to generate a patch file that can be submitted:

1. git svn clone --revision 12579
2. Copy the trunk so you have a backup
3. Update the code in trunk
4. Stage any new files
5. git diff git-svn --unified --no-prefix --output=changes.patch

It looks like the patch file you created may not have the correct directory references to be applied to the SF SVN repo. You can check by applying the patch in step 3 above to see if the patch is okay or not.

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