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Hi ,

I am new to code blocks IDE,I am programming the AX8052F143 using the AX code blocks IDE, The issue is I can successfully debug the program and it works fine but when I use build+ run or Run, I am getting the below error.

Execution of '"c:\Onsemi\Radio_Lab\CRM_Sample1\SLAVE\bin\Release\SLAVE.omf" ' in 'c:\Onsemi\Radio_Lab\CRM_Sample1\SLAVE' failed.

Its something related to the .omf file.

Could anyone please help me to solve this error?

I would suggest searching the forums, especially the embedded forum as this is the forum that this is relevant to.

If you get no where then please supply the info as per the following guide:

If you are using a makefile then the issue is with the makefile rather than C::B.


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