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C::B library name processing policy



Please remind me what is the policy in C::B for conversion of linked static and dynamic libraries from "<path>lib<name>.<ext>" formulation to "<link_switch><name>"?
When C::B decides to convert "libsomelib.a" to "-Lsomelib" while passing such options to a linker and when to pass directly as defined in project options?

You will need to lookup the linker documentation as C::B is an IDE and the linker does the linking not C::B.

The GNU linker docs are available at  . The section you want is . The two parameters you will be interested in are -l & -L .

No, C::B is converting project settings to linker commands and the question is when and how does it convert provided library names.

Miguel Gimenez:
The processing of library filenames is made in CompilerCommandGenerator::SetupOutputFilenames() at compilercommandgenerator.cpp:648.

Variable PrefixPolicy is loaded with the value in Project -> Properties -> Build targets -> Auto-generate filename prefix.


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