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Conditional code parsing / highlighting


Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out how to make C::B understand the contents of config.h (it does contain #define USE_PLUGINS 1) such that the conditional code in the picture (line 24) would be displayed normally.

If I manually add #define USE_PLUGINS 1 before the includes, the conditional code is no longer greyed out.

The project->properties has a "C/C++ parser options" tab, but that just talks about additional search paths.
Both files are in the project, and I added paths for both files to this dialog to no effect.

Do I need to do a build?
At the moment, I'm just using C::B to browse the code for the project.  It has it's own external CMake system going on, which I just run from the command line outside of C::B.

I'm using Release 20.03 rev 11997 (2020-03-28 13:56:24) gcc 9.3.0 Linux/unicode - 64 bit



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