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Crash report in BrowserTracker on nightly 11/11/21


Windows 10,
Codeblocks nightly 11/11/2021 (100% sure, because crash log reports other version)

When I try to open a file in my attached old project, almost every time, CodeBlocks crash.
Crash log included.

PS: Not all files crash BrowserTracker. Try open one by one.

Thanks. I will have a look at it later tonight, OZ time, to see what I can find.

I was able to get my local build to crash when opening the DenseMatrixReference.h file. Attached is an updated RPT file that includes function names in the DLL's. BTW the function names are included in the RPT if you build C::B from source and run the exe/dll's before they are stripped of debug info (run the exe in the src\devel* directory).

Unfortunately if I debug C::B within C::B the crash did not occur in the debuggee C::B instance.... grrrr

I did find an assert when I do the following:
1) Undock the BrowserTracker toolbar so it becomes a floating window
2) Close C::B
3) The Following wxWidget assert occurs:
      [Window Title]         wxWidgets Debug Alert
     [Main Instruction]     A debugging check in this application has failed.
     [Content]                 ../../src/common/tbarbase.cpp(324): assert ""pos < GetToolsCount()"" failed in DeleteToolByPos(): invalid position in wxToolBar::DeleteToolByPos()
I have logged this assert as a ticket, its # is 1156.

Miguel Gimenez:
I cannot reproduce here (MSW in 32 bits).

The only unchecked pointer is "control", just add an "if (!control) return;" statement to see if the error goes away.


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