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Bug in CB (version tested last nightly : rev12537)

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I use CB since ten years, and i like it.
I think have to find a "bug". ;D
My environment : Windows 10 (old computer !) and Windows 11 (new portable) 64 bits, and many configurations of free compilers C (and C++, if it's possible ...).
All these configurations of compilers are described in the document in attachement (in french).
One paradigm : only one source(s) to these compilers (one target for each compiler/environment, and one global "virtual target" -> all_build).
After install Visual Studio 2022 community (+ Build Tools 2022) from Microsoft, CB don't recognize neither VS 2022 32 bits, neither VS2022 64 bits. Damn !
And the "discovered" bug is described after :
   in menu "Settings ... Compiler", choose one compiler and position in tab "Search Directories"
   Selection any directory and clic to button "Copy to ...", nothing appear ... !
Another "Damn" for me, because CLANG with VS2022 is again configured within CB after this install.
Thank's for all.
(apologies for my bad english).

Thierry D.


Miguel Gimenez:
IIRC VS2022 does not have a bin folder, so detection and manual setting fail.

Thank's Miguel.
Yes, I know : \bin don't exist in all version of VS, neither on ..\Hostx86\x86, neither on ..\Hostx64\x64
For this reason, i add these directories in each configuration of VS2022 32 bits and VS2022 64 bits, in "Toolchain executables" on tab "Additional Paths".
The bug of CB is not about this comportement, but affect button "Copy to ..." in "Search Directories" of any compiler defined in CB.
Many thank's for your pertinent response about VS.

Thierry D.

Miguel Gimenez:
As I understand this issue, the "Copy To" button is used to copy directories between targets when using the
Project -> Build options dialog.

When using Settings -> Compiler the dialog is the same, but IMHO the "Copy To" button has no sense here and it should be disabled or hidden. Same goes for the "Copy selected to" button in Linker settings.

Miguel Gimenez:
The patch in ticket 1154 disables the button when editing the global compiler options.


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