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The 11 November 2021 build (12537) is out.

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OS X version of this rev can be downloaded from my Google Drive.
There is a specific dmg file for versions 10.15 and 11.6 of the OS.
Note that these are not notarized versions of the application.

32 bits version for Windows can also be found in the same place.

Debian Buster and Bullseye (32 and 64 bits) can be installed from my repo.


Miguel Gimenez:
I have just created a ticket with the changes above.

I think obfuscated removed the fortran plugin intentionally?
It is an external plugin

Miguel Gimenez:
IMHO he would have documented the removal, he is very verbose in his commits. Also, I don't see the point in removing it: being an external plugin only means the source is in other server.

After making the patch, I can assure it is easy to duplicate or miss an entry.

EDIT: may be he removed it from his local workspace file for testing on MSW and later forgot about it. BTW, is he OK?

thanks ...


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