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The 11 November 2021 build (12537) is out.

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Crash log when I try to open an .h file.

The same in the previous nighty (10 October I think)

@chameleon can you start a new thread in the help forum and include the following info:
1) What version of Codeblocks you are using as the log indicates you are using the rlease and not a nightly.
2) Steps to reproduce the crash. This is the most vital info. Include the directory name the .h file is in and the .h filename in case it is relevant.
3) Include the RPT file as it is very helpful and has the call stack for the crash that
4) OS version you are using (windows 10 19041 from the log, which is the Windows 10 20H1 release) .

The reason for this is that this is not specific to this nightly and is better discussed by itself in a thread rather that potentially having other discussions begin included in the thread if it stayed in the nightly thread.


I've seen this crash in BrowseTracker before. But never been able to recreate it.

Can someone tell me how to successfully use Addr2line to find the line that caused this? Everytime I try that program I just get garbage.


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