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SVN 12537 doesn't have libtxml.a

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Somebody said that that subroutine was suppose to be in the sdk sub-directory of the SVN source. When attempting to compile a 64-bit version of C::B on Windows 10, I get an error saying that that subroutine is missing.

Any ideas?

Please post the following so people can help you:
1. Error message.
2. Build Log file
3. Compiler used and version and where it was downloaded from.
4. Version of wxWidget you are building against.
5. C::B version you are using to build C::B with
6. Version of Windows 10 you are using.
7. Exact command line used to download the C::B source
8. Command / script / process you used to build C::B

I checked the last nightly C::B, 12535 7z file and it includes the libtxml.a.

I suspect that the command you used to download the C::B source was wrong, but I am only guessing.

@AndrewCot, Thanks for taking the time to send a response.

I've checked the last three nightlies and they all contained libtxml.a. The source downloaded from Source Forge didn't have libtxml.a. I'm currently using the latest version of C::B.


Can you please supply the info as per the post above for your build issue that you posted in the nightly build thread, especially "7. Exact command line used to download the C::B source".

I have built C::B on XUbuntu about a month ago without issues , but be aware that depending on where and what you use to get the source you may end up with source that has missing bits due to the place (GitHub) or the command parameters used.

Using TortoiseSVN, a 64-bit client, the command I used was "". I've used this same command for years.  You can also select either the HEAD or VERSION buttons on the gui interface screen.



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