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Changing icons in Project view


In earlier versions of codeblocks (e.g. 11562) I was able to change the look and feel of the project navigator view by directly replacing some of the .png files in the share/CodeBlocks/images folder (see attachment).

The files I changed are:-
  file.png - to be a white unlocked padlock on green background
  file-modified.png - white unlocked padlock on orange background
  file-readonly.png - white locked padlock on red background
  folder-open.png - yellow folder icon as seen in explorer
  file-missing.png - black exclaimation on yellow triangle background

With newer releases of codeblocks, the look and feel appears locked to be blue folders, pale grey 'blank page' icon for files and the same but with a black padlock for read only files. I don't always find the standard scheme easy on the eye but I cannot find any of the .png files delivered as part of the download package, so can't just replace them with my own as before.

Is there a way I can get back to using my own .png files in the project window?

Miguel Gimenez:
The images are in share/CodeBlocks/, in images/tree, and there are some sizes per image.

Nice one. Thanks for the info.
I replace the existing 16x16 ones in the file (images/tree) with my own, they will get picked up automatically from that.
I'll try it anyway..

Yes, that works..
Many thanks  :)


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