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Error creating process /cygdrive/c/Dummy/C:/Dummy/bin/Debug/Dummy.exe, (error 2)


Hello, I have installed code blocks to my windows 10. everything is good except when I try to start debugging it shows this error: Error creating process /cygdrive/c/Dummy/C:/Dummy/bin/Debug/Dummy.exe, (error 2). Can you help me with this issue please?

Are you using cygwin?


This is a known problem that has existed for the last 10 years and was finally fixed in the nightly build in August 2021.

There are two options to resolve this as follows:
1) Grab the latest nightly C::B build and use it
2) Grab my latest unofficial C::B installers. See,24592.0.html for info

If you still cannot get it working please supply the following info:
1) Cygwin install directory
2) When you last updated Cygwin
3) GDB version
4) Code::Blocks version
5) Code::Blocks build date
6) Code::Blocks type - x86 or x64

I only know english. Try the latest nightly as it includes the changes.


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