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Raspberry Pi - latest version of CodeBlocks and use of sudo

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I have started using CodeBlocks as IDE on Raspberry Pi with Rasbian.

1. I have installed Code::Blocks version 17:12. Is that the latest for Raspberry Pi?

2. I am using the pigpio library. When I compile, link and run the program in Code::Blocks using the "Build and Run" button, I get an error message saying that I do not have permission to execute the initialisation of the pigpio. I shall have root permission i.e. use sudo for that. How do I set Code::Blocks to use sudo? (I have been through the manual, but did not find anything on the launch of the build program)


The error you are getting is a Linux permission problem and not related to C::B. I would ask on a Raspberry Pi forum for how to yuo can grant your user access to the pigpio.

Sorry, it is a Code::Blocks problem. Somewhere Code:Blocks issues a command to the Raspberry Pi operating system of the kind ./executable. This is somewhere within Code::Blocks. I need to change that to sudo ./executable.
It has been a question a few years ago and I was hoping, that someone had figured out how to do it. Where in Code::Blocks is hidden the command to execute a program? Can the user change that command? (It can be done in GEANY).
Jorgen Sandberg

Sadly the user can not modify the "Run" command at the moment.
It is on my todo list for a while now...

One solution (not the preferible one) is to run codeblocks as sudo
A other, better solution is to create a Tools menu item to run the executable:
Tools+ -> Configure tools->New
Name: Run as sudo
Command line:

--- Code: ---sudo $(TARGET_OUTPUT_FILE)
--- End code ---

this is not tested, but should work...

Suggest google "sudo chgrp gpio /sys/class/gpio/export" and start reading on how to fix your permission problem.

@BlueHazzard It's a linux permission issue with resources where the user needs to add themself into the group that has access or create group and give it access..... I have to do this when running poker machine code in a Linux development environment in order to gain access to the RTC hardware and TTYSxxx (serial ports).


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