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Not coherent highlighting in Code::Blocks


Hi, when using smart pointers with Code::Blocks and C++ you see that make_shared is highlighted in bold green:

However make_unique is not highlighted at all:

Nevertheless shared_ptr and unique_ptr are correctly highlighted:

As you can see:

Why is this happening? unique pointers and shared pointers are "equal" in importance, no?

Miguel Gimenez:
It is missing in the default syntax highlighting set. You can add that and make_unique_for_overwrite:

Go to Settings -> Editor -> Syntax highlighting
In "Sytnax highlighting for" select C/C++
Click on Keywords
Select set 2
Insert make_unique and make_unique_for_overwrite in alphabetical order
Close settings

Thank you. But it will be added for next Code::Blocks version by default?

BTW, when is that scheduled? There' somewhere I can subscribe to be warned when next Code::Blocks version launches? (mailing list or something).

Miguel Gimenez:
I have just posted a patch in ticket 1146, but I don't know if/when it will be added.

I dont know about the next release, but if you are using Windows you can use the last nightly.

Thanks Miguel, I tried to thank you earlier but there was some kind of problem replying in the forums. Let's see if this time works.


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