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How to increase font size?


How to increase font in CodeBlocks for (x)Ubuntu? 
Marked areas are not readable for me. Is any command line parameter to set it like "--fontsize 22" for NetBeans?
Please tell me how to increase font because Code::Blocks is useless for me when I can't read the names.
I have set dpi 144 but CodeBlocks probably doesn't respect it.

NetBeans doesn't have this problem but after installation I cannot get C++ plugin (server is down...) and I must change IDE to code::blocks. 

I am afraid, this is some system setting?
I am not aware that codeblocks has an option for changing this...

I see, wxWidgets probably has options to set the font size of this, so we need to implement it...
Can you open a Ticket on SF so we do not forget it?

I have added a option for the header font in
Settigns->Environment->Docking System->Caption font height

This setting will be available in the next nightly build.

About the TreeCtrl font size, i will look into it


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