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atoi missing codeblocks 20.3 new install


I am learning c for uni and codeblocks has been fine until I needed to use atoi
stdlib.h is included but I cant use that command or a bunch of others.
ticked c++11 iso c++ -std=c++11 in flags using ming64 fresh install from the site.
Compilers is gnu gcc that was installed with the latest 20.3 install.
I understand this was an issue previously by what I read and thought the latest version might of solved it.

Have i missed something ?
many thanks for any help

Miguel Gimenez:
Code::Blocks is an IDE, your problem is compiler-related so it is OT here.

Anyway, how have you included stdlib.h,

--- Code: ---#include <stdlib.h>
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---#include <cstdlib>
--- End code ---

Can you attach (in code tags) the error message?

An exceptionally valuable reference which you should bookmark;



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