Author Topic: The docs doesn't contain all command macros for code::blocks?  (Read 5193 times)

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The docs doesn't contain all command macros for code::blocks?
« on: October 10, 2021, 02:30:31 pm »
I know that this is a dumb question but the docs doesn't explain what each command macros mean, even some command macros are not available there. Such as there is no explanation about $libdir in the docs. I searched the whole docs, but didn't find it. The docs only says that to link object files into executable file, I should use this command:

$linker $libdirs -o $exe_output $link_objects $link_resobjects $link_options $libs

There is no explanation of $libdirs, $link_objects and $link_resobjects in the docs. But I found a screenshot of Code::Blocks IDE at stackoverflow and I saw that the IDE has explanation of $libdirs, $link_objects and $link_resobjects.

And that explanation says that $libdirs is "linkers include path". But what does that mean? does this mean the folder that contains library files and is this the thing that gcc can use with -L<dir> flag? I found that -L options should be at last of gcc command, otherwise it will not effect all libraries. And what does $option command mean? If I select a command option from Code::Blocks default command list, will it be $option? If this is the case, then how is it possible that -s option is in the default command list, but it is a linker option and compiler is using it during compiling and not linking with this $option macro? And however the docs need to be updated, I think...