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Guys I need help on finding CodeBlocks installation file for Macbook Big sur. I have installed a few version but none of them are working. If there is any that is working for you guys, could you please reply with the links. Thanks


v20.03 worked for me, I'm on Big Sur too.
It's buggy, but I was able to deal with it. The major PITA is not being able to use copy/paste inside CB - if I copied from a different app, I could paste it into CB, but when I copied text from a document in CB, I couldn't paste it, not even outside of CB.
But highlighted text drag and drop works...

I tried the latest nightly build, but it's crashing when I'm trying to adjust editor font properties.

I am trying to download and install CodeBlocks for Mac. I downloaded the installation indicated for Mac, but when Tried to run it, I got the error message "" needs to be updated. Can anyone tell me what to do?

Miguel Gimenez:
Try the version in this post, if you have problems may be Xaviou can help you.


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