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Crash on CB exit

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CB (on Windows) is crashing when exited when any plugin is dependent on its OnRelease() call to exit properly. Especially when there are floating windows open.

This happens because:
Main.cpp 3099 issues

--- Code: ---    Manager::SetAppShuttingDown(true);

    Manager::Get()->GetLogManager()->DebugLog(_T("Deinitializing plugins..."));
    CodeBlocksEvent evtShutdown(cbEVT_APP_START_SHUTDOWN);

--- End code ---

but Manager.cpp:256 returns immediately because of

--- Code: ---bool Manager::ProcessEvent(CodeBlocksEvent& event)
    if (IsAppShuttingDown())
        return false;

--- End code ---

thus no plugin ever sees the event and no onRelease() is ever called.

I suggest manager.cpp:256 be changed to

--- Code: ---    if (IsAppShuttingDown() and (event.GetEventType() != cbEVT_APP_START_SHUTDOWN))
        return false;

--- End code ---

My tests show this mod works.

To experience the crash, set CodeCompletions Symbols window to floating.
Pull the winidow outside CB's main window. Resize it. Now close CB.

Do you think this will fix ticket 1108?

Let me know if you think it will fix it and I will give it a go over the next few days and let you know how I go.


--- Quote from: AndrewCot on October 03, 2021, 02:55:21 am ---Do you think this will fix ticket 1108?

Let me know if you think it will fix it and I will give it a go over the next few days and let you know how I go.

--- End quote ---

Yes, that ticket is a perfect description of my experience.

By the way... Thank you for your work.

I no longer believe this is a proper fix for the problem.
I can still get that OnRelease() is never called on exit if I move the floating window around (or blink twice) .

OnRelease() is called in MainFrame::OnApplicationClose(wxCloseEvent& event) by  the call to "Manager::Shutdown();", but the crash is happening way before at the "Hide();" statement;

ie., CB is attempting to Hide() the windows before OnRelease() is ever called.
That means plugins MUST close their floating windows on receiving the cbEVT_APP_START_SHUTDOWN event rather than OnRelease() .
There's some weird condition such that if you never touch a visible floating window, Hide() works ok. But if you ever move/resize/work-inside-of the window, Hide() crashes.

@ AndrewCot

After a full day and a half, I think I've finally found a fix for these crashes.
Try this patch.

The result is that (on Windows):
1)Hide() cannot be called when there are shown/floating windows. It hangs.
2) And shown/floating windows must be closed before calling Manager::Shutdown(); else it crashes.

This fixes my floating Symbols window crash and also fixes Bug #1108 .

--- Code: ---Index: src/src/main.cpp
--- src/src/main.cpp (revision 12516)
+++ src/src/main.cpp (working copy)
@@ -3096,6 +3096,7 @@
+    // This does not call OnRelease() for the plugins. It's just a notify...
     Manager::Get()->GetLogManager()->DebugLog(_T("Deinitializing plugins..."));
     CodeBlocksEvent evtShutdown(cbEVT_APP_START_SHUTDOWN);
@@ -3117,8 +3118,19 @@
     while (GetEventHandler() != this)
+     #if   defined ( __WIN32__ ) || defined ( _WIN64 )
+    // Hide() causes crashes and hangs on windows when floating windows are shown //(ph 2021/10/4)
     // Hide the window
+    //-Hide();
+    // Move the window off the screen instead of Hide()
+    wxDisplay display(wxDisplay::GetFromWindow(this));
+    wxRect screen = display.GetClientArea();
+    wxWindow* pWindow = Manager::Get()->GetAppWindow();
+    pWindow->Move(screen.GetX()+screen.GetWidth(), screen.GetY());
+    #else
+    // Hide the window
+    #endif
     if (!Manager::IsBatchBuild())
@@ -3139,6 +3151,17 @@
+    #if   defined ( __WIN32__ ) || defined ( _WIN64 )
+    // Close shown floating windows before shutdown or get occasional crashes
+    wxAuiPaneInfoArray& all_panes = m_LayoutManager.GetAllPanes();
+    for(size_t ii = 0; ii < all_panes.Count(); ++ii)
+    {
+        wxAuiPaneInfo paneInfo = all_panes[ii];
+        if (paneInfo.IsShown() and paneInfo.IsFloating())
+            m_LayoutManager.ClosePane(paneInfo);
+    }
+    #endif
     Manager::Shutdown(); // Shutdown() is not Free(), Manager is automatically destroyed at exit

--- End code ---


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