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Need help on build errors


I am trying to compile some 8051 C build scripts and am getting compiler and linker build errors .   My  build scripts are from a complex wizard supporting a wide family of IoT radios. It is creating command lines with simple errors, but I can't figure out where these are coming from and how to troubleshoot -  When I try to access the Wiki entries on scripts, I get cloud flare errors.  I need an hour of remote zoom/desktop time with someone who can help me through this.  Happy to pay.  Are there any PDF's with deep dive content on wizards and complex build scripts?  thanks.

Please read:,9996.0.html

You are better asking these on the C 8051 cross compiler support forum. I also suggest searching the,22.0.html posts to see if anyone else has posted anything on the cross compiler you are using.

P.S. Your post is lacking in details and as such when you ask on the C 8051 cross compiler support forum you need to add a bunch of info so that the devs on that site can help you.

Thanks, can you provide a link to that forum?  I've searched and can't find it.

Where you downloaded the " 8051 C build scripts" or where you downloaded the 8051 " compiler and linker". I cannot help any further as "Your post is lacking in details".


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