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openGL, SFML setup

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Miguel Gimenez:
TDM should include all the needed library and header files, you don't need to download anything. If the OpenGL wizard does not setup the path to the libraries look for them in the TDM folder (libopengl32.a, libglut32.a) and add their path to Project -> Linker -> Search directories

TDM should include everything but it doesnt.  thats why Im asking maybe I can find a person that can take over my computer with team viewer and maybe they can set it up for me and I pay them.  I dont see why one has to download all these extra files and drag and drop to all these various folders, all this extra stuff is unecessary.  But if these game studios want someone to buy their game, the customer wouldnt need to download and install lib files and extra files just to get the game to work when they paid money for the game.  You should be able to just download and installl codeblocks and get started coding.  There should be a special precompiled openGL/directx/SFML version that you can download and install.  having to set up lib files and linker files, compilers, etc, all that is making me frustrated, ive been trying it for 2 weeks now, ive downloaded sfml and glut files from like 20 different youtube videos and this isnt working for me at all.  You dont know anyone that wants to make some money and install it for me??

Miguel Gimenez:
In fact TDM from your link includes them:

--- Code: ---C:\TDM-GCC-64\x86_64-w64-mingw32\lib\libopengl32.a

--- End code ---

If you download libraries from random sites you will get only frustration and gnashing of teeth.


ill check to see if these files are there, but ive compiled and ran a console game with tdm-gcc but when i try to utilize
#include <GL/glut.h> it wont find the files.  ill ask around and see if i can get some help from somewhere, this is getting annoying. .   in the meantime ill just do some more C++ tuts from the youtube channels i know about.

FYI: TDM GCC 32 bit and 64 bit are totally different from each other!!!!

Neither 32 nor 64 bit TDM GCC has  "glut.h".
But, both had "glu.h" in GL folder.
Edit2: On-line info says "glu.h" is a header useful only for old code and should not be used for new projects.

Tim S.


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