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I am new and im here . . . im having such a problem getting open GL

to work on my x64/windows 8.1 computer to work.  ive done many tuts on youtube to try to get open GL files to work correctly but no success.  I am looking to get into 3D game programming and i already know how to model 3D with autodesk maya.  can anyone shoot me some links to where I can get openGL/freeGLUT to work correctly?

specs: windows 8.1 x64, tdm-GCC compiler install,

Miguel Gimenez:
Install a nightly and a recent compiler, then use the project wizard to create a basic OpenGL project and later modify that project using the examples.

thanks for the reply Miguel, the compiler I installed for my version is

Is this nightly compatible with this?
do you know where i can watch any good tutorials on how to work with nightlies so i can get my openGL to work correctly?

Miguel Gimenez:
The nightly is the last release with bug fixes and enhancements, and one of them will eventually become the next release. You can use any tutorial for 20.03 or 17.12 with little or no changes.

Just use the OpenGL wizard (File -> New -> Project -> OpenGL project) to create your first project and then modify it as you learn.

For the life of me I cant figure out how to get these stupid lib files to work so that I can do open GL and freeglut projects.  I really don't see why if you want to do 3d graphic coding you need to download extra files, drag and drop to this folder and that folder, transfer this to that, setup the linker text, bla bla bla.  Why cant they just make these ide's be able to be installed, everything works, and you start typing?  this is getting on my nerves.  Do you know anyone that can take over my computer with teamviewer and get the openGL/freeglut things to work so i can start coding my 3d models that I made in maya?  Im willing to pay via cashapp or paypal.  You know anyone that is interested ??


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