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CB crashes in debug mode when trying to evaluate


Hi all,

I created a dummy project to show the error, I think the picture says it all. I made a std::vector object, went to debug mode, tried to evaluate sez.size() in watcher, which crashes the application.

I don't know if this is compiler or CB issue, so excuse me if this is the wrong section/forum.

EDIT: I forgot to mention my environment:
-Windows 10 64bit
-CodeBlocks 20.03
-mingw-w64 -> x86_64-posix-seh-rev0, Built by MinGW-W64 project 8.1.0

I would suggest getting a GDB upgrade as the GDB that ships with mingw that is included with C::B 20.03 is known to be buggy, see or search for other GDB issues.

I would download the latter GDB x64 non python version from the following github repo:

There are other places you can get a GDB upgrade, but you will need to search and find them yourself and they may not work with mingw. The one above will be the quickest option.

Another thing is to change the compiler settings to use gdb.exe instead of gdborig.exe

Thank you so much! I installed latest gdb (10.2.90) from the link you provided, so far it works with no problems.

I don't know how to change compiler settings to use gdb.exe instead of gdborig.exe, but problem was solved as mentioned above.

Have a read of the codeblocks manual as it has the info in, see section 5.2.3

Yes, under debugger settings I have gdb.exe in executable path.


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