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How do I add new downlaoded header files to codeblocks?


I want to add std_lib_facilities.h to codeblocks, but I don't know where to put it.  Even if I think I placed it in the right folder, it still returns a 'fatal error' because it can't locate the header file, when I include it in my program.

I also want seed_randint() to be a function in my program, but it doesn't show up in scope, so I need to download a header file for that too.

Add the folder to the project search path.
Post the Code::Blocks build log to help us help you.

How to add folder to the project search path:

Project -> Build Options
Tab: Search directories
Sub-Tab: Compiler
Button: Add
Button that looks like an folder
Enter path that contains folder
If asked to keep this path as relative? Click yes
Click OK if needed

Tim S.


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