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Dear Administrators,

Perhaps I need to take a course in College on how to properly find the right part of a Forum for posting certain questions. Would you let me know, where I ought to ask about how to use Code Blocks to create Web plugins? More specifically, I own I am hoping to create embedded plugins (now you may see why I am confused by those two topics) that allow the user to:

* Request an automated tarot card reading based on their query
* Store that reading for later use by the user.
* See their birth chart after telling the site their birth date (and optionally place and time of birth).
Please note, I am not asking in this thread for the answer on how to create web plugins. I am merely asking which is the best place to seek this answer. Is this the right topic for posting questions like how to use Code Blocks, Siteground, and Word Press to take that website to the next level?

Or is there a better place to post this sort of questions?

This is the Website for the Code::Blocks IDE it is primary an C/C++ development environment and text editor.

The below link has Code::Blocks IDE as number 18 in the list.

Anyone using C::B to do web development? If so, what language? And, any non standard plugins?

Tim S.

I wrote a website once in C++ using a FastCGI lib. Can confirm the possibility of web-dev  ;D

Thank you both for your responses to my thread.
Is this a good thread to ask you questions about how to develop web applications? Basically, I am hoping to allow for a small fee, any user to be able to:
1. Submit their birth date (month, day, year of birth) to see their birth chart. Optionally, they may include the time and place for a more comprehensive chart.
2. Tarot card readings and perhaps the ability to submit a reading for a different site and hear my analysis of that reading.
3. The plugin would also allow them to save information from other sites and my own for later use.

Please note, I will do my best to answer this sort of question on my own, but I find it helpful even knowing there are others willing and able to help me, when my solo acts are not quite enough.


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