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What version of C++ does the installer (w/ mingw32) have?


There are C++20 features and libraries that my current CodeBlocks installation [20.03] doesn't have, causing a "no such file or directory" error on those "#include" statements in a third-party header file that my program uses, specifically "stduuid".
[bold]List of those #include statements that causes errors[/bold]
- #include <string_view>
- #include <optional>
- #include <span>
So I'm curious what version of C++ does my C::B installation have, since it also has the MinGW GCC compiler installation shipped with. The version of the compiler btw is 8.1.0.

This is not realy an Code::Blocks question.

Tim S.

In addition to checking out the GNU page,  I would also suggest you have a look at the following as it goes through setting up a project and compiling a sample program.


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