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Object's function = default


Hello everyone,

I am quite new to the forums and I am not sure how to perform the search for the subject. Hopefully, someone may edify me on this process. Please note, I am working with olcNes's header file. In it, there is a pixel class. For some reason, the pixel has an operator equal function. I understand why it would. The confusing part is this function looks like:

Pixel& operator(. . . ) = default;

What does the "= default" do? Does this tell the compiler to replace it with
Pixel& Pixel::operator=( . . . )
      if( this != . . . )
          this = & . . . ;
       return *this;

Or something else entirely?

Thank you for looking at this post and showing me both what = default means as well as how to search on these forums.


Google "c++ operator = default" (without the quotes)

Look at second result.

Thank you Pecan. That second link is quite useful. Now, I know what "= default means".


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