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Is the wiki server down?

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The wiki is working for me at the moment.... time will tell if it is fixed or I was just lucky timing for me that it worked when I tried.

The last page change was yesterday by Mandrav, so hopefully he fixed it.

Miguel Gimenez:
It still can't be edited, when you try to log in you are redirected to the forum log in.

Miguel, Do you get 502 errors?

Miguel Gimenez:

--- Quote ---Do you get 502 errors?
--- End quote ---

No, I can navigate as expected, but can't log in to edit the wiki. The login link redirects you to the forum login page, and after logging the wiki still says you are not logged in. Previously the wiki had its own login page.

Our admin is tweaking the wiki site now, and I have reported the login issue to him.

Hope he can fix this issue soon.


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