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The 22 August 2021 build (12516) is out.

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My problem was stated here:,24565.msg167860.html#msg167860

I think the problem is with the the Class Wizard....

I got a new computer, fresh windows 10, and same problem. So, I decide to try to build CB... installed wxWidgets 3.1.5 and the nightly built r12529...

Now, if I open the "CodeBlocks_wx31_64.cbp" and try to open the ClassWizard resource file "new_class.xrc", then this dialog appears... (see attachment)...

Miguel Gimenez:
There is a patch in ticket 1110

EDIT: this problem not only happens with new_class.xrc, but with all xrc files using wxStdDialogButtonSizer (currently there are 52)

Miguel Gimenez:
Fixed in trunk (r12535)


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