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Running the File on Codeblocks on Mac 10.11.6 PLEASE HELP ME


I am trying to teach myself programming the spirit of, "I CAN TEACH MYSELF GODDAMMIT.

But over the past few days I can't even get the Codeblocks compiler to bloody find the file and run it. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or how to fix. I say to myself, HOW THE FUCK CAN I TEACH MYSELF C++ if I can't even get the bloody compiler to work.

PLEASE HELP. Here are my error messages:

I keep getting that it cannot find the file. I had trouble enough originally finding the right compiler for my old Mac, and now the compiler won't even open at all.

Please help me, or suggest a compiler which is free open source and will work on ANY Mac because I think it must just be the kind of Mac I'm using and the inability for it to even locate the file.

Please someone help. I've been struggling all week with just doing this one little simple thing. I feel I'm such a bloody fucking moron.


Have you added the source file to the project?
Does the compiler work if you compile from the command line?

Start by enabling full compiler log: (if you see 502 refresh until it shows :()

And please stop shouting and cursing.  8)

Please try to only uses normal characters in your path and filenames this means do not uses spaces.

"Hello World" has a space this can sometimes cause problems; I have no idea if this is related to your problem since I saw no full rebiuld log to examine.

Tim S.


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