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opening links in browser that aren't IE11


Codeblocks forces me to open links in IE11.
I'm trying to figure out how can I open links in other browsers such as EDGE or Chrome...
It crashes my app all the time.

Can you describe the problem with a bit more details? What link?

p.s. most probably this is the wrong sub-forum...

I'm using codeblock minGW Library and GCC compiler.
I'm using com object cstyle webpage.c (from codeproject source) and I have

I'm making a connection between ahref of html page to webpage.c object.
on HTML page we apply script code (
When I run the application, and open the link, it opens in IE11 browser.
I want to force it to be opened in EDGE browser. How can I do it?

Sorry this is not the forum to answer such questions.
You may ask this in a place where they support the particular API you're using.


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