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"Corrupted" default.conf - attached good and bad data sets


I was in WxSmith on Windows 7 and it cashed and burned with NO RPT file (I was not running it in the debugger).

When I restarted and loaded the "CodeBlocks_wx31_64.cbp" project C::B popped up the Global variable Editor dialog with NO sets and no variables set. At this point in time I backed up the %APPDATA%\Codeblocks directory. AS I am writing this I still have the dialog up.

Attached is the bad and good directories. I have only spent a few minutes comparing the two default.conf files and the global variable area looks okay. I will do more investigation in tonight and post a followup on where I get to.

The good directory data set it what I use to restore after blowing away the data in order to test the initial C:B install works as I expect. Use it as a comparison, not as what was working say three hours ago, but a few days ago.

@oBFusCATed I will be looking at this before I continue working on ticket 1117 mods as I think this is more important.

Plot thickens.

In the Global Variable Editor I kept pressing the close button and moving to the next variable.  I then exited C::B and restarted without saving the config. When C::B loaded the global variables were there and C::B worked fine. I then closed C:B and copied the bad set of data over the existing set and then restarted C:B and it loaded and the variables were there with no issues loading the 31_64 project.

I hate intermittent bugs.... I forgot to grab the C:B log... (doh doh doh).

Can you check if the project->build options->compiler flags window is corrupted (no options present)?


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