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Code::Blocks Installer upgrade review request for killerbot and/or mortenmacfly

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ALL devs:

With the clangd_client plugin eventually needing to be incorporated into the Windows installer, which I have done already in my unofficial installer.  The existing NSIS installer code/process is IMHO not very nice to work on and is old, so if someone wants to do the work then go for it.

The other option is for someone to check out the updated Windows installer I have done (that incorporates the changes as per the posts above) and give further feedback so it can eventually replace the existing installer code and process.

I will give up on this at the end of the month if no one wants help until completed.


--- Quote from: AndrewCot on January 20, 2022, 11:46:00 am ---I will give up on this at the end of the month if no one wants help until completed.

--- End quote ---
Sorry to hear this, but I think you have to be more patient here. The installer was under my responsibility and I simply don't have time for that at the moment. I will give it another shot though...

So, having looked at the update:
The installer in SVN should only cover plugins etc. from the SVN. Please remove all other plugins they will never ship with the official C::B anyway. There are other ways (e.g. plugin bundles) 3rd party devs should use to make their plugins installable with C::B releases.

Also, you've done may changes that are hard to understand and not documented why they are actually there (if you compare old vs. new you'll see). So can you add some comments what these new functions do?

A few examples:
- All the UMUI_ and MULTIUSER_ macros: What is the purpose? What are you fixing that was not working before?
- "Check for Fortran Plugin: It surely _will_ be there if an official release is done as it is done always from SVN base. Creating releases from Github is unsupported and should also actually use the Github build system.
- "Logging macro": Why?
- We don't bundle or link to foreign webpages / resources, also for legal reasons
- Why is this type macro helpful: "insertmacro MUI_STARTMENU_WRITE_BEGIN Application" ?
- You should not handle file associations in the un-installer if not handled by the installer.

It would generally be easier to have these changes step-by-step so they can be accepted/rejected more easily.
Please bear in mind that providing tons of changes at once will always make it way harder to agree on.

BTW: Where do you want comments to be tracked? Here or in the ticket?


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