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MinGW GDB 8.1 update to 10.2 query - ticket 1020 fix/work arround


Currently the GDB shipping with MinGW32 and MinGW64 is v8.1 that has issues. I have found that the following GitHub repo has GDB V10.2 that work with MinGW32 and MinGW64. I tried packages from MSYS2 and the packages were linked with other MSYS2 packages and as such I gavee up on them.

Now for the query is:
What should be done for people who install MinGW via the installer?
     - Pop up a dialog with info on how to upgrade GDB if they select to Mingw to install
     - Pop up a dialog with a link to a C::B forum post that has info on how to upgrade GDB  if they select to Mingw to install
     - Add a warning in the installer that GDB does not work properly if they select to Mingw to install and ....
     - Add an option to upgrade GDB if they select Mingw to be installed.
     - Something else?

Please note that I have not done allot of testing with the GDB from GitHUb with the exception of testing that the issues in ticket 1020 do not occur when I used the updated GDB.


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Do nothing, work on lldb plugin and ditch all of gcc and gdb on Windows. But this requires actual hard work. :(


--- Quote --- - Something else?
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Using msys2 for everything, automate installation of compiler gcc/gdb over msys2.
Msys has gdb 10.2 with python support
With the benefit to get always up to date compiler and mingw

@BlueHazzard. 100% agree and MSYS2 is my preferred setup as well. I have copied my install onto other PC's and it just works.

But unfortunately it is "promoted" by C::B as the compiler to use as it's splatted everywhere on the web site and the only one in the current official downloads. The current official downloads do not promote other compilers. This has changed with my unofficial installers.

@ oBFusCATed
Sorry, it does not help C::B newbies etc.
As for hard work... the number of open tickets needs reducing and closing so devs can see what is open and work on the bugs to improve the quality of C::B for the end users. This is what I have been doing and with support like this it has been very hard work.


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